IHSE is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) devices with 30 years of experience. KVM technology enables the remote switching, bidirectional extension and conversion of primary computer signals including DVI, HDMI, 4K DisplayPort, digital audio and USB. IHSE develops and manufactures an extensive range of KVM switches and extenders with visually lossless signal transmission from headquarters near Lake Constance, Germany.

No matter the market verticals, our KVM products have found their way into facilities with high quality demands to create a more inviting and productive workspace for their employees or customers. The main purpose of IHSE's KVM products is to extend the reach of a keyboard, mouse and monitor away from the primary sources such as CPU's and Servers. KVM solutions reduce workstation clutter by eliminating the need for multiple keyboards, reduce environmental noise by moving the CPU away from the workstation and reduce the total power consumption required at each workstation.

IHSE products have been certified for outstanding manufacturing quality, operability, resilience and high transfer speeds. Many renowned companies and institutions across vertical sectors including broadcast, post production, control rooms, banking, industrial, healthcare, maritime, education, venues, air traffic control and government rely on KVM solutions made by IHSE, Germany.

Real-time data distribution from take-off to landing and beyond

Information is crucial to safe and efficient air operations. IHSE KVM technology transports real-time data throughout the entire air traffic control and management process, enhancing safety and operational efficiency from take-off to landing, and beyond. IHSE systems deliver critical data to control towers, aid ground and air personnel training, assist with baggage handling and inform passengers through terminal information and signage. All with multiple-levels of system redundancy, back-up and fail-safe operation to ensure continuous, mission-critical operation.

Professional KVM solutions for:

  • air traffic control and management, e.g. ICMS, MET, D-ATIS, EFPS/DMAN, GIDS, ASR, A-SMGCS
  • terminal information and signage
  • simulation centres
  • pilot training
  • baggage handling
  • emergency and security services control rooms.

When decisions matter

…correct information is essential.

IHSE's high-performance, cost-effective, KVM matrix switches and extenders operate with complete reliability, ensuring data is delivered to operators – whenever and wherever it is needed.

Our KVM solutions are built to suit all air traffic environments: from regional to international airports and can work independently or as an integrated part of the overall airport computer management system.

Proven in use

Draco tera switches and extenders deliver reliable 24/7 operation in many airports and air-defence command centres around the world, helping to maintain safety, comfort and security of air operations.