With its track record of success and its ideal location in one of the biggest tourist areas in the Mediterranean, ICF Airports Antalya is excelling in the present and ready for a bright future.

ICF Airports has been operating all terminals at Antalya Airport since 2007. The management, with its clear commitment to safety, security, quality, environment and sustainability, has turned Antalya into an award-winning airport. As well as being named ACI Best Airport in Europe in 2011, it is also one of only 14 airports in Europe that holds the Airport Carbon Accreditation Level 3 (Optimisation) certificate.

Since the start of operation, ICF Airports has managed and developed a rapid and steady expansion. The average growth rate in terms of passengers exceeds 12% annually over the past 15 years, and, with more than 27 million passengers handled in 2013 the company is ready for the projected future growth.

Everything you could need

In addition to ICF’s high-quality management, Antalya Airport has the advantage of its ideal location in the heart of a region with a unique mixture of attractions for all seasons:

  • 640km of coastline, inumerable cultural habitats and 10,000 years of heritage
  • access from the Anatolia mountains to the Mediterranean shores by cable car, parachuting or paragliding, enjoying the turquoise sea or the stunning countryside on a yacht, by horse or on a motorbike, or by diving tours to sunken planes and secret treasures
  • tennis or football, or golf on one of the world’s best-prepared and maintained golf courses.
  • endless hiking paths, winter skiing, rafting and canoeing areas, as well as hidden shores on which to embrace nature
  • shopping in small boutiques or modern malls, where a whole range of products, from local goods to worldwide brands are waiting for you
  • the comfort and safety of being surrounded by an award-winning hotel infrastructure – with more than 500,000 beds in more than 2,000 hotels across all categories – attractions that will transform your holiday into an adventure for your children, and an escape to spa and wellness facilities for you
  • provision of the latest technology meeting the highest medical standards to make your holiday a trip for your body and your soul
  • concerts, festivals and various options for conferences complete the full-service concept; with this full-spectrum base, Antalya is proud to be the city hosting the Botanical Expo 2016.

A destination to remember

The Turkish culture and hospitality will make you feel at home from the moment you arrive in Antalya. Enjoy a never-ending symphony of different tastes from breakfast to dinner: meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, fruits, wine and juices – all produced in the region just for you.

From the first sight of sunrise early in the morning to the last twinkle of the stars late at night, whatever you expect and whatever you are looking for, you can be sure to find it in Antalya.

Antalya Airport handles flights from over 300 destinations in the main markets of Western Europe, Russia and CIS, as well as an increasing number of direct connections to the Middle East. The management team of ICF Airports looks forward to welcoming you.