Grenada Airports Authority (GAA) is a statutory corporation established by the Airports Authority Act, Revised Laws of Grenada of 1990. The Authority is responsible for the management, control and supervision of the operation of the airports in Grenada and for promoting their use in the national interest.

Grenada has three airports:

  • Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA) – (Prefix: IATA – GND / ICAO – TGPY)
  • Lauriston Airport – (Prefix: IATA – CRU / ICAO – TGPZ)
  • Pearls Airport (Currently non-operational) – (Prefix: ICAO – TGPG).


GAA’s head office is located at the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA), Point Saline’s. All administrative and maintenance support to its facilities are directed from this location.

MBIA is Grenada’s principal gateway to the world; hence, one of the GAA’s main functions is to keep the airport in optimum operating condition for the provision of efficient services to passengers, tourists and the general public. It provides a wide range of services and facilities, which are divided into three distinct groups: essential operational services, traffic-handling and commercial activities.


Maurice Bishop International Airport, formerly Point Salines International Airport (P.S.I.A), is located on a peninsula in the extreme south-western section of the island of Grenada and seven miles from the capital St. George’s. Grenada is located directly north of Trinidad and is the most southern of the Windward Island chain of the Caribbean.


The runway system consists of two runways (10, 28) on one strip, both with an LCN 86 asphalt surface. The runways are equipped with airfield lighting systems for night operations. They have a length of 2,743m, are 45m wide, and have an elevation of 12m situated within reference points:

  • Latitude 12° 00′ 15"
  • Longitude 61° 47′ 17".

It is constructed based on a design to accommodate Boeing 747- 400.

Mission statement

To provide safe, secure, efficient and profitable world-class airport facilities and services, consistent with international standards, through a highly skilled and committed workforce in support of the economic development of Grenada.


  • To provide adequate capacity for the aircraft and their passengers, air cargo and vehicle movements in a safe environment
  • To provide for and facilitate passengers, operators and staff convenience
  • To ensure continued financial viability
  • To ensure that physical development plans are flexible allowing for future expansion.


To be a leader in providing world-class airport facilities and services in the Caribbean.

Airline services

Several airlines provide continued service to Grenada including British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, which provide biweekly direct flights from London’s Gatwick Airport. Caribbean Airlines, Delta Airlines and American Airlines provide direct flights from Miami, while Caribbean Airlines also operates regularly scheduled flights via its Trinidad hub.

Air Canada operates a biweekly service from Toronto to Grenada with easy connections from Halifax, Montreal and Ottawa. LIAT continues to provide connections into Grenada’s Maurice Bishop International Airport from various Caribbean islands, along with connections to International flights from Antigua, Barbados, St. Lucia and Trinidad.