The Airport Magdeburg/Cochstedt international – in the heart of Germany – convinces with its variety of new options to the freight and logistics sector. The powerful area is home to 17 million residents, large companies and a strong automobile industry, just some of the advantages for your business. The ideal location and excellent connections to motorways, national roads and Magdeburg port attract investors to Saxony-Anhalt. From 2015, the rail tracks located at the airport will be re-activated and fully operational for use by the transport and logistics sectors.

Another special locational advantage is the unrestricted 7-day, 24-hour operating licence. As the regulated agent, Magdeburg/Cochstedt is able to act rapidly and effectively with the help of modern screening technology (Rapiscan 632dv, Ionscan 500DT). The 3,100 x 45m-long runway with a 62,000m² apron also offers possibilities for large aircraft (Airbus A330, Boeing 747). The freight aircraft of RAF Avia (Antonov26) based in Cochstedt are available for ad hoc charter or as a scheduled carrier all over Europe.

The 68ha industrial and trade park adjacent to the airport is completely accessible and especially suited to aviation-related businesses. Industrial regions including Berlin, Magdeburg, Hanover, Wolfsburg, Brunswick, Halle and Leipzig are within easy reach and at a low cost.


The airport was used as a military base for many years, before going into private ownership in 2010 by Danish Investor Airport Development A/S – quite a lot has changed since. From 2011−13, Ryanair provided the first scheduled holiday destination routes and Cochstedt has added a considerable amount of additional services since then. From 2012, private, business, scheduled, charter and freight flights can take off or land at any time of the day. A reliable partner for freight charter was secured, industrial areas fully developed and logistics premises are now available to rent.

Logistics centre

A further milestone in Cochstedt’s development into an international freight airport is currently being laid with a total investment volume of approximately €10 million.

The first big step towards this goal was the opening of the first of two logistics facilities with the newest technology on 22 November 2013. A total of 1,000m² is now available, offering the full service package including:

  • screening and securing of freight
  • manifest preparation
  • hazardous goods and document processing
  • AWB preparation
  • erection and dismantling of ULDs
  • loading and unloading of HGVs and pallets
  • storage of special freight
  • handling of haulage goods
  • commissioning of consignments for land to land or land to air freight.

With the scheduled opening of the second, larger (7,000m²) logistics centre, the airport will soon be able to provide similarly smooth processing through all customs procedures and to store ordinary warehousing goods as well as animals, plants and dangerous goods within the facility, which will also offer different temperature zones.

Directly adjacent to the apron, the logistics complex offers aviation-related companies enormous advantages, but any other company requiring transport will also profit from this ideal situation.

Screening service

As regulated agent, the airport is in a position to process freight and to complete the entire security process thanks to the newest security technology. Modern X-ray machines and detectors (sniffers) complement our qualified personnel during manual security inspections of goods.

Significant investments were made for a Rapiscan 632dv, a high-performance, dual view X-ray machine for EURO pallets − equipped with two generators that allow horizontal as well as vertical scanning − and a Ionscan 500DT, a dual ion mobility spectrum meter with two IMS detectors that analyse explosives and drugs simultaneously.

Industrial and trade park

The 68ha industrial and trade park is fully developed and located adjacent to the airport. The industrial area comprises 49.5ha − with 18.5ha allocated to trade − and is perfectly suited to administrative, service provider buildings, training centres, or for the hotel and catering industry.

Investors rate the approved planning, immediately available sites, clear ownership status, an existing protected construction area and secured development as very attractive, positive aspects that open opportunities for growth potential along with the airport.

Boasting a 24-hour unlimited operational licence and excellent infrastructure, the airport is ideally suited for maintenance and aviation-related trade, from cargo and goods handling express services to passenger charter.

Freight charter Antonov 26

Several Antonov 26 freight aircraft are stationed at our airport and are available for ad hoc charter as well as for scheduled contracts throughout Europe.

The AN-26 can be used to transport a variety of goods including extra large consignments, palleted goods and container freight. The aircraft can be equipped with specific flooring as required. Lift trucks and pulleys in particular are available for heavy duty loads.

The provider – A/S Raf-Avia – is certified and licensed to transport even hazardous goods or radioactive materials.