Flex-O-Lite’s airLINES™ Marking System enhances airfield safety, improves markings longevity and exceeds FAA and ICAO recommendations to prevent runway incursions. A complete, innovative solution designed and engineered to provide the highest level of pilot visibility and airside safety, while reducing the life-cycle cost of airfield painting due to outstanding durability, Flex-O-Lite’s airLINES Marking System includes these key components:

  • type III glass beads with the highest levels of retro-reflectivity
  • incredibly durable Type III acrylic resin paint
  • installation guidance from airLINES™ marking technicians
  • performance guarantees.

airLINES™ is guaranteed to:

  • improve marking longevity
  • extend the life-cycle of critical markings
  • minimise flaking paint reducing FOD
  • increase the visibility of critical markings
  • increase pilot reaction time, reduce anxiety, lower fatigue
  • increase night time safety and daytime awareness
  • help reduce runway incursions.

Better materials. Better markings.

Are you using the lowest cost paint? Do you have markings that are peeling and becoming FOD? Has an inspector cited poor markings on your airfield? Are your pilots complaining about ground navigation?

Flex-O-Lite’s airLINES Marking System is a complete turnkey solution to achieve high performance, long lasting airfield markings that maximise performance and an airport’s return on investment.

We can meet everyone’s needs and budget with a variety of products to choose from. Whether it’s high visibility, wet-night visibility, fast dry paint, high UV-resistant red/yellow paints, extended durability or lower total cost you’re after, Flex-O-Lite® can deliver.

Most importantly, Flex-O-Lite is the only provider that will guarantee results.

airLINES improves the safety of airports by making all airfield markings highly visible and incredibly durable during take-off, landing and taxiing, including;

  • hold bars
  • threshold markings
  • aiming point markings
  • designation markings
  • geographical position markings
  • surface painted signs
  • non-movement boundary markings
  • centerlines
  • fixed distance markers
  • edge lines
  • touch down zone markings.

airLINES key components

airLINES reflective glass beads:

  • designed to link with airLINES paint to increase bead retention and help maintain marking visibility over a longer period of time
  • increase the friction coefficient of markings compared to markings without beads
  • airLINES III beads provide the highest level of visibility for pilots, resulting in increased situational awareness, improved reaction time and lower fatigue
  • airLINES I beads provide lower levels of visibility for non-movement, landside, or areas with low safety requirements.

airLINES™ high durability acrylic resin paint

  • water-based, environmentally friendly, easy to clean up and has no special shipping requirements
  • exceeds FAA, US military and ICAO recommendations
  • formulated to meet local requirements
  • enhanced adhesive properties to prevent paint from peeling and becoming FOD
  • available in standard durability, extended durability and fast dry/no-track formulations
  • comes in white, yellow, black, red and in various packaging configurations.

airLINES airfield marking technicians

  • provide a field audit of your existing markings condition and performance
  • advise your in-house airfield marking team or outside contractors on airfield-marking best practices
  • calibrate equipment and inspect markings during installation on your airfield.

airLINES – ‘The Choice is Yours’.