Airports make up one of the most dynamic worldwide industries and operators have never needed to be more aware of passengers’ needs. Euromate offers effective, safe and cost-efficient solutions to the challenges posed by the smoking ban.

Euromate has been making the air cleaner for more than 40 years. Not only does it have a profound knowledge of indoor air and the removal of tobacco smoke, but it is also an expert in cleaning up industrial environments and the filtration of grease and odours in professional kitchens. The company provides a complete line of innovative appliances that deal with tobacco smoke. From air cleaners, tables and ashtrays for smoking rooms to smoking cabins, Euromate has specific products to suit every policy.

Airports often provide passengers with their first impressions of a new country, so it is important that they are conspicuously clean, and protect the health of passengers and employees. Smokers are often unable to step outside the terminal for a cigarette without hindering passenger traffic.

Stop illegal smoking

In some countries, smoking is illegal within airport terminals and transit areas, which can cause serious problems. Smokers are forced outside, and when that isn’t possible, some smoke illegally in toilets. To address this, Euromate developed Smoke ‘n Go indoor cabins. These enable smokers to indulge their habit without annoying other passengers. The high-quality facilities remove harmful smoke and unpleasant odours effectively and, when placed at strategic locations, decrease unnecessary traffic at customs and within safety zones.

The freestanding units operate independently from air-treatment systems and are easy to position. The robust design blends perfectly with almost any airport environment, with glass walls that create a pleasant, open feeling while enabling users to keep an eye on travelling companions and departure screens.

Not only do the cabins remove tobacco smoke, but they also improve overall indoor air quality, as cleaned air is recirculated. They have been tested exhaustively and are certified by the European ECN, German TÜV and BGIA institute on safety and efficiency.

Create your own smoking area

Smoke ‘n Go cabins are quickly installed, flexible, and come in various sizes and settings. At one end of the range, the Compact and Mezzo models suit small lunchrooms, while at the other, Espace and (double) Plaza models serve large designated smoking areas. Carefully placed units optimise passenger traffic patterns within airports. They are extendable, with various accessories that include foot support, self-closing doors, lean-to support and displays that can be used for adverts or travel information.

Euromate’s smoking cabins are more than just places in which passengers can stop for a quick smoke; they are also eye-catching, making them ideal tools for advertising and sponsoring suitable for all kinds of material.