Could you describe the history of Indra Navia?

Øivind Klausen: Our history stretches back over 100 years. Over that time, the organisation has specialised in delivering value by understanding the challenges and opportunities of the transport sector. Our three brands – GAREX, NORMARC and InNOVA – are highly respected in the air traffic management (ATM) community.

GAREX has been synonymous with user-friendliness, flexibility and reliability ever since it was first developed in the early 1960s. There are about 450 GAREX communication systems installed around the world today, including at major airports like Beijing’s Capital Airport and Amsterdam’s Schiphol.

NORMARC also has a long history. Our NORMARC 7000 instrument landing system (ILS) was an immediate success after its launch in 1995, and has since grown to be the world’s leading ILS. There are 300 NORMARC ILS systems installed in China alone, for instance.

Our InNOVA activities evolved from the Norwegian Atomic Research Institute’s industrial arm, which was established in 1957. Meanwhile, the ATC Group joined Navia Aviation in 1997, forming a centre of competence dedicated to providing air traffic controllers with the tools needed to make flight operations safe and dependable. This continues today as part of Indra Navia.

How do you help airports abide by all International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards?

Indra Navia’s ground-based ATM systems for communication, navigation and surveillance (CNS) meet ICAO standards, and are in line with Eurocontrol’s ATM master plan. For several decades, Indra Navia has been part of the EU’s ATM research programme, with a special focus on single European sky ATM research (SESAR) and SESAR 2020. Together with our SESAR partners, and through our parent Indra Sistemas, we help establish several European airport standards. Whether it’s designing a new system or a layout change, customer preferences are met by an extremely configurable, adaptable and maintainable system.

How do you maintain a low airport footprint, and how does this impact maintenance costs?

Indra Navia maintains a low airport footprint. We do this especially with our remote tower configurations by selecting sensors and systems requiring the lowest possible maintenance, the quickest possible replacement, and efficient airport equipment monitoring and control. Extensive training is provided to reduce dependency on Indra Navia as a supplier, thus lowering the airport’s maintenance costs.

What have you learned from previous projects, like HungaroControl rTWR?

As the system integrator and prime contractor for the rTWR project, Indra Navia learned that its tower solution – NOVA 9000, now available as InNOVA – is an ideal platform for contingency and virtual-tower applications. It is also easily integrated with camera modules for digital towers. The HungaroControl rTWR project confirmed the flexibility of our system, and the company’s ability to take on new projects to improve airport operations.

Why should airports choose Indra Navia over your competition in the marketplace?

Indra Navia has acquired a deep understanding of airports over the past 100 years. We now have over 1,200 unique customers in 111 countries. Our staff offer unique solutions to complex problems, setting the standard for lifetime value in the ATM market. Our InNOVA tower solutions range from the smallest radar and information display to fully integrated systems with an advanced surface movement guidance and control system, electronic flight strips, or CDM and advanced approach solutions. At the same time, these systems are increasingly offered through a service-oriented architecture.

What plans do you have going forward?

Our plan is to listen to our customers, to refine and adapt our solutions in all aspects of ATM to solve the challenges ahead, and to fulfil operational requirements. We are excited that our tower solutions have been chosen for the world’s largest remote tower project: NINOX, for Avinor in Norway, and for the HungaroControl rTWR project. Through these projects – and others with our loyal customers and partners worldwide – we are determined to maintain and strengthen our position in the ATM market.