Concessionaire Analyzer+

Concessionaire Analyzer+ (CA+) is the first software solution designed specifically to allow airports to maximise and optimise their revenues from retail and F&B operations, primarily through the collection of sales data from concessionaires and deeper performance analysis.

Boosting Retail and F&B Revenues for Airports

Airports around the world are increasingly focusing on non-aviation sector revenues to boost airport revenues. The starting point is the ability to analyse the dynamics of the retail environment.

CA+ allows airport terminal operators to gather sales data from their concessionaires, automate billing and most importantly, extract Business Intelligence (BI) from the retail sales data. CA+ allows airports to understand retail sales patterns within the terminal and use this to maximise revenue from retail and F&B activities.

CA+ Features that allow Airports to Maximise Retail and F&B Revenues

The innovative CA+ solution currently handles 5 main elements:

  • Collection of sales data from retail and F&B concessions with which flight and passenger information can also be connected
  • Management of concession agreements, details of revenue shares, minimum guarantees, rents and additional charges
  • Calculation of revenue shares on sales and subsequently billing to concessionaires
  • Business intelligence allowing airports to assess performance, calculate sales per passenger per flight, by destination, carrier and gate. This enables operational decisions to be taken, benchmarking concessions against others and enabling measurement of specific operational and marketing tactics
  • Airport.POS – optional point-of-sale software solution that directly integrates with CA+

Business Intelligence (BI) for Airports

CA+ collects data either at category total levels or at a transaction level, allowing the richest form of analysis to be extracted. This invaluable retail intelligence enables airports to understand retail flows better and to undertake more effective negotiations with carriers and concessionaires, as well as to optimise the retail mix within the airport.

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