Champion Door’s fold-up doors make very competitive solutions for aircraft hangars − a reliable hangar door choice from Arctic areas to scorching hot climates. Fabric fold-up doors require minimal maintenance and can be equipped with soundproofing, thermal insulation and burglar alarms. Champion Door makes sure that its products can endure heavy-duty industrial wear. The doors are designed to withstand fluctuations in moisture levels and temperature, are resistant to dirt and dust, and resist even the most violent winds.

High-quality design and materials

The rigid frame structure of Champion Door’s products makes them ideal for use as large external doors. The NK4 Warm comes with two additional insulation layers for added thermal insulation and soundproofing and is especially popular in aircraft repair hangars. The PVC material is designed to resist the chemicals used for de-icing aircraft and withstand violent winds. Patented technical solutions, a modern production line and quality monitoring all guarantee the highest quality and operational safety. All our door products are CE-marked and comply with all current standards.

Multiple-leaf hangar doors with swing-up mullions

Champion Door multiple-leaf fabric hangar doors are specially designed for large aircraft and jumbo jets. These doors can be build to an extremely large size. In practice, the doors do not have a size restriction when build using the swing-up mullion system. Multiple-leaf hangar doors are always designed and manufactured according to customer needs, are available in several frame strengths and are individually dimensioned.

Military hangar doors

For military aircraft it is important that hangar doors are ready to operate at all times and in all circumstances. Champion Door military hangar doors are designed to be highly functional in all weather conditions and operate under extreme conditions − even without electricity when needed.

Business jet hangar doors

Champion Door has delivered business aircraft hangar doors all around the world. Business jet hangar doors with a stylish look give a positive message. Champion Door has paid special attention to the style and appearance of the hangar doors, in particular the smooth operation of the door fabrics.

Helicopter hangar doors

Weathertight design ensures that heat remains inside the building, thus reducing heating costs. Highly reliable technology ensures that the door is always in working condition at all temperatures and can be operated by a back-up power system. When using this function, the door will operate without power supply. This is particularly important for doors in rescue helicopter hangars.

Service concept

Champion Door offers a comprehensive service concept designed to make the acquisition and use of doors as easy as possible, all the way from the design stage to maintenance − covering the entire service life.

We offer our customers full support service, beginning at the design stage – for example, you are able to download ready-made BIM objects from our website to support architectural design. We also make accurate strength calculations and customised plans on a door- and project-specific basis. We can ensure the performance of our products by signing a maintenance contract with the customer and making the regular maintenance visits included in it.

As part of this maintenance contract, we offer the unique SRC (Secure Remote Connection) service, in which remote control via a secure internet connection enables door-specific programming with the functions desired by the customer, regardless of the distance. It also helps solve any problems with the door immediately, regardless of the door’s location and even without a maintenance visit. With the SRC service, you also get access to comprehensive information on the door’s entire usage history.