Boasting a great depth of commercial plumbing products around the world, architects and specifiers look to Bradley Corporation for the most innovative hand wash solutions.

Bradley Corporation, Wisconsin, US, designs and manufactures commercial hand washing sinks, washroom accessories, partition cubicles, emergency safety showers and solid plastic lockers. An industry leader for over 90 years, the company has been an innovator of hand washing solutions that have improved the way people wash their hands in public, while making restrooms cleaner and more attractive. By incorporating water and energy-saving technologies, while simplifying installation and maintenance, Bradley’s products promote operational savings.

The water and energy-saving features of Bradley’s products minimise utility and operating costs. The improved washing, safety and convenience aspects of the products resonate with building owners and end users alike. Further, high-quality and durable product design translates to less upkeep and maintenance, saving costs on repairs, parts and replacement products, which frees up time for staff to focus on other value-added duties. As a result, Bradley’s products provide superior, long-lasting performance that benefits building owners – and end users – for years to come.

The Verge basin adds streamlined elegance

Distinguished by its minimalist aesthetics and clean lines, the Verge basin features an attractive, moulded and completely seamless basin made from Bradley’s durable and sustainable materials. Its classic design, complemented by modern curves and lines, evokes a sense of timeless elegance and distinction.

With the L-series, the unique basin shape effortlessly funnels water to the drain, minimising standing water. It also features an optional 1.44Lpm water-conserving faucet and comes with an attractive textured stainless steel trap cover to conceal plumbing elements. Verge basins are designed for high-traffic and everyday usage while creating a distinctive restroom.

The Advocate AV series basin keeps water off the floor

The Advocate AV series Basin is the first completely touch-less hand washing system to provide a hand washing tap, soap and hand dryer all in one sleek unit. Bradley’s exclusive all-in-one design simplifies hand washing and keeps water off the floor for a safer restroom environment. The Advocate is equipped with a low-flow 1.44Lpm faucet that reduces water usage by 24%, and a high-speed dual-sided hand dryer, which dries hands in 15 seconds or less.

Diplomat accessories elevates the look of washrooms

Bradley’s Diplomat washroom accessories series provides an innovative dual-curve geometry stainless steel design that integrates – and elevates – the look of today’s modern commercial washrooms. With more than 50 product models available, the Diplomat series provides a common aesthetic with curved edges that transform a restroom’s look from non-descript to refined distinction. While 100% of the energy required for the production of Diplomat accessories has been offset with renewable energy, the stainless steel used is made from at least 60% recycled content.

Low-maintenance partition cubicles

Easy-to-maintain Bradmar solid plastic toilet cubicles by Bradley are ideal for high-traffic, wet or high-humidity public restroom environments because they won’t rust, dent or absorb odours. Constructed from an advanced formula of 1in-thick plastic containing 30% post-industrial recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Bradmar cubicles are extremely durable and carry a 15-year warranty – the best in the industry. Because the colour goes all the way through the material, it will never need painting and scratches can be easily repaired.

100% Recycled solid plastic Lenox lockers provide sustainability and durability

Bradley Lenox lockers are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. On average, each locker prevents more than 500 milk jugs from going into landfills. Available in four neutral colours: moss, toffee, beige and charcoal grey, the completely recycled solid plastic lockers perform as well as those with less recycled content. Backed by a 20-year guarantee, Lenox lockers will not rust and can withstand impact that would easily damage metal lockers. Solid plastic lockers never require painting and graffiti can easily be removed.

Ablution cleansing products dispense soothing and efficient flow of water

Bradley’s new ablution cleansing system is made expressly for ritual cleansing. The cleansing system is designed to dispense a water-conserving and soothing flow of water that is ideal for the hand and foot washing process. The extremely efficient, durable and customisable ablution system utilises a softer and gentler 1.9Lpm water flow, which ensures the precise amount of water is dispensed. Designed specifically for hand and foot cleansing in public facilities, the system eliminates the splashing of residual water, helping to keep the user’s garments from getting wet.

Bradley’s 90-plus-year history began with the invention of the wash-fountain – a revolutionary group hand washing fixture designed to save water and time. Since then, Bradley has developed a number of innovative restroom products and technologies to help engineers, specifiers and end-users meet their building goals. Bradley serves the airport/transportation, industrial, healthcare, recreation, religious facility, stadium, education and corrections markets worldwide.