Bisa was founded in 2004 as a solution provider and RFID hardware manufacturer based in Hong Kong with manufacturing facilities in China. It is a strategic partner of IATA, GS1 Global and Logistics Supply Chain Management (LSCM) in Hong Kong.

With its innovative vision and strong interest in the concept of the ‘internet of things’, Bisa has embedded various sorts of sensors into its RFID system since 2006.

Its products are being used by Citibank Hong Kong, mass transit railways, multistorey car parks and other prestigious supply chain companies, particularly in cold chain sectors.

With insight gained from being a IATA CWTAG member, Bisa is developing solutions and products for locating and tracking unit load devices (ULDs) in airports.

It has an RFID tag system customised for locating and tracking of the dollies and tractors working in the vast airport area, indoor and outdoor, that does not require frequent maintenance. It is a robust module with an embedded solar panel and GPS facilities.

Meanwhile, Bisa is also developing active RFID tags under the relevant guidance of IATA requirements for more efficient location of the movements of ULDs and monitoring of refrigerated shipments. Prototypes have been successfully deployed by a local supermarket chain for monitoring the temperature of its refrigerated shipments from Japan to Hong Kong. SCADA platforms are made to monitor and control the temperature as well as humidity for the reasons above.

Bisa is also developing an indoor navigation system that can work with passengers’ mobile phones and the company’s hardware within the airport premises.

It can be used for locating passengers, enhancing security, broadcasting messages, commercial advertisement applications and even for check-in and boarding processes. Mobile phones and tablet devices are on course to supersede PCs, so Bisa is currently looking for a partner airport to help bring this visionary project to fruition.