Aviramp Ground Support Equipment is a UK-based independent manufacturing company that specialises in servicing the aviation sector with its innovative suite of boarding ramps and bridges.

Fast becoming an industry standard, Aviramp is now operational in over 100 airports worldwide, and is recognised as an established ground-handling brand. The suite comprises various mobile ramps and bridges servicing a wide variety of aircraft, including narrow and wide body.

The benefits are immense and include improving safety, driving operational and turnaround efficiencies, ambulift reduction resulting in huge cost savings, and a streamlined, all-inclusive step-free experience for all passengers including the PRM.

Product range

This includes patented boarding ramps and bridges called the Lite, Domestic, Regional, Continental and International, along with the Mobiloader, which has been developed to handle heavy electric mobility aids.

The Lite

Boarding ramp servicing aircraft such as the DASH, ATR and SAAB, with both solar powered and manual versions available.

The Domestic

Offers compact motorised boarding for use on small, narrow-bodied aircraft such as the Q200 through to the BAE146. Patented slopes are maintained at 7.5-8° and feature standardised anti slip flooring.

The Regional

This mobile boarding bridge is used for small-to-medium-sized jets such as the CRJ1000 up to the Boeing 737. Patented slopes are maintained and feature anti-slip flooring.

The Continental

Services narrow-bodied aircraft and is available in two bespoke versions. The Standard Continental Mobile Boarding Bridge services aircraft such as the BAE146 to the Airbus A320 fleet. The Continental 757 is designed for aircraft such as the MD80 to the Boeing 757. Same footprint, both with the same 360° switch back design and gradual slopes.

The International

This boarding bridge is the same as a fixed terminal bridge but completely mobile. It services wide-bodied aircraft and is a true ‘world first’ in ground handling equipment. The International services the A380 lower deck, along with the B787/777/757 and A350/340/330, so it is an extremely versatile product with huge benefits for all stakeholders.

The Mobiloader

Working with industry experts, the Aviramp Mobiloader provides a very simple solution to the serious issue of loading heavy electric mobility aids into the aircraft hold. This product services the smallest of aircraft through to the 757 model. It is a much safer option due to its gradual slope for manual handling and the option of using its solar-powered winch for heavier loads. Capacity is up to one ton of weight.

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