As an independent consulting company, Aviation Consultants Ehmanns is based on solid experience – gained through years of dedication to the aviation industry. It offers a wide range of services worldwide, and its expertise can aid in airport success.

Aviation Consultants Ehmanns (AvConEhmanns) was founded in 2001 by Johannes M Ehmanns who now coordinates and runs a group of up to 15 aviation consultants with aviation, technical, planning, design and economical backgrounds in airport and airline projects.

Ehmanns started his aviation career in 1980 as an air force pilot trainee and received diplomas in mechanical engineering and economy. After positions at Lufthansa Technik and the Traffic Management Department of Cologne Bonn Airport, Ehmanns was ready for another challenge: his own aviation consultancy firm.

Ehmanns spent a lot of time living and working in countries including the US, Russia, China, Greenland, Iceland, Tanzania, South Africa, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Sudan, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile. These experiences provide him with an outstanding knowledge and understanding of different cultures and mentalities around the world.

Sustainable consultancy

AvConEhmanns enables its customers to gain high revenues through clear and trend-setting consultancy and advice.

Each master plan, elaborated upon by AvConEhmanns, is guided by sustainability, and always takes into account the individual situation and possibilities of the customer, surrounding culture and social situation. Because masterplanning has an effect on airport operations and revenue, AvConEhmanns thoroughly evaluates the customer’s goals and strategy. AvConEhmanns masterplanning includes a traffic forecast and a business plan. Normally this is performed by the Airport-Quick-Check, a patented tool developed by Ehmanns.

The Airport-Quick-Check enables AvConEhmanns to thoroughly evaluate, within a maximum of three months, the bottlenecks or weak points of an airport for operational or economical optimisations and improvements.

Case study: Russia

In the meantime, AvConEhmanns has had acknowledgment for operational and economical improvements and optimisations of Russian airport infrastructures, airport ground handling and efficient staff structuring in line with Russian laws and decrees – all with an additional focus on global best practice and IATA experiences on airport operation.

Project overview

To date, AvConEhmanns has executed over 50 airport or airline projects as project manager, interim management, consultant, subcontractor or agent of the airport or airline, such as:

  • functional masterplanning including aircraft movement simulations for UPS at its European Air Cargo Hub at Cologne Bonn
  • project manager (as a subcontractor) for Hochtief Airport to execute the International Architectural Competition for the new terminal at Pulkovo Airport in St Petersburg, Russia
  • project manager (as a subcontractor) for Hochtief Airport to put the new terminal of Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland, successfully into operation within six weeks including troubleshooting and training the ground staff on the new systems at the airport
  • traffic forecast for many airports and airlines in Europe, Asia and the US
  • project manager, consultant and trainer of Sochi Airport (Russia) staff and the management of preparing the airport for the Winter Olympics in 2014; this includes putting the new terminal at Sochi Airport successfully into operation and developing a lean staff structure.

Social responsibility of AvConEhmanns

Its world view does not end at the fences of an airport. Ehmanns and colleagues have started and support humanitarian help projects in remote regions of Tanzania, Siberia, Bangladesh, Nepal and Peru. Many projects are in cooperation with the local airports of these regions and some projects have been active for more than ten years.