Each year, 60,000 passengers travel to/from Arvidsjaur Airport. Of those, about 50% are international visitors, and no other airport in Sweden has such a high number of foreign travellers.

Arvidsjaur Airport recognises its importance as a travel hub for the region, and aims to meet the requests and requirements of each customer. It is continually developing its business to adapt to changing market demands, providing an enjoyable and fruitful experience for its airlines, staff and passengers. To keep up with this increasing demand, Arvidsjaur Airport has been extended 14 times since its opening in 1990.

Sector increases

Every year, the car testing industry in Arvidsjaur increases, bringing essential business into the region. Despite the fact that air traffic is dominated by business travellers, the tourism sector has increased rapidly. Many international visitors come for the thrill of driving luxury sports cars on an icy terrain. For many, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the practice benefits Arvidsjaur as a whole.

Airlines that choose to operate at Arvidsjaur Airport can take full advantage of its excellent facilities. For example, its 2,500m-long runway can handle aircraft such as Boeing 737s and Airbus 320s. After its latest runway extension, Arvidsjaur Airport increased its accessibility by adding instrument approach aids for landing in both directions.

The time is now

Set in a beautiful region, Arvidsjaur Airport matches its natural surroundings to offer all who pass through its doors a pleasant experience.