Castellón Airport is situated on the Orange Blossom Coast, or the Costa Azahar – a fantastic part of the Mediterranean that is yet to be discovered by masses of travellers. The hidden coves, sandy beaches and excellent restaurants, along with the small mountain villages and picturesque countryside, are a treat in themselves. Once visited, they are never forgotten.

Since the official commencement of its regular flights in September 2015 to London Stansted and Bristol, Castellón Airport – Spain’s only privately operated airport – has already celebrated important milestones: in July 2016, it welcomed more than 10,000 passengers in one month, and September 2016 saw Ryanair open its third route to Castellón Airport – this time to Sofia, Bulgaria – consolidating the airline’s presence at Castellón Airport
and linking the company with three regular destinations: London Stansted, Bristol and Sofia. Since June 2016, Blue Air has also operated regular flights to the Romanian capital, Bucharest, with record load factors. Castellón is now confident that it will exceed 120,000 passengers for its first full operating year.

The future looks promising for Castellón Airport. New domestic scheduled flights and additional international flights are under discussion to begin in 2017. The cargo and logistics business also holds great potential for future flights.

Castellón Airport is also making remarkable strides in the non-aviation sector: its airport terminal now hosts two car-hire companies, two restaurant lounges and a convenience store, as well as two travel agencies and an apartment-rental agency. In the near future, a duty-free shop and an attractive new VIP lounge will be opened to further improve the facilities – and thus the airport experience – for passengers.

With the securing of European certification in 2017, moreover, Castellón Airport will be authorised for the operation of wide-body jets like the Airbus A350 and the Boeing 777, opening vast new potential for expanding its flights.