How much experience does ADB SAFEGATE have in streamlining airport operations?

Christian Onselaere: ADB SAFEGATE’s focus lies in offering one of the industry’s most extensive portfolios as the foundation for fully integrated solutions to support airport development. For many years, we have managed hundreds of complex projects, concentrating on integrating solutions that cover different parts of the airport so we can create important efficiency gains and, thus, better streamline hub operations. We can do this because we understand the increasing demands on the tower, airfield and gates. In summary, we use our operational expertise to enable all parts of an airport to work together and increase performance.

What makes ADB SAFEGATE’s approach unique in the market?

At ADB SAFEGATE, we know that existing infrastructure often contains hidden and unused capacity that can be realised by taking a holistic view of the airport. As such, every solution must be tailored to each airport’s demands, environment and business objectives.

ADB SAFEGATE applies an advisory, consultative approach to creating the right solution. Our aim is to propose a costeffective way to resolve an airport’s most pressing challenges quickly and smoothly. This encompasses every aspect of air traffic control and guidance, from approach, runway and taxiway lighting, and tower-based traffic control systems to intelligent gate and docking automation. We use an operational view to optimise airport performance and customer success.

What are the company’s long-term ambitions in Turkey?

We have been active in Turkey for the past 40 years, and we will continue to support the country’s aviation sector with its goal to become a true market leader. We opened an office in the country a few years ago to support our customers and to be closer to the key airports we serve. ADB SAFEGATE is fully committed to not only supporting the development of Istanbul Airport, but also our other long-time clients in Turkey.

Our ambition is to introduce our end-to-end integration capabilities that showcase all of our areas of expertise, such as the operation of the airfield, gates, tower and services, as well as providing total airport management throughout our network of hubs.

What previous work attracted the operators at Istanbul Airport to your services?

We have been in Turkey for almost 50 years. ADB SAFEGATE is a well-established player in the national market, which has proved to be an extremely reliable partner that sticks to its commitments and promises.

Our long list of references in the country speaks for itself. Knowing that the world’s best airports rely on us for their daily operations is further proof.

Can you tell us how ADB SAFEGATE’s individual light control and monitoring system (ILCMS) will help lower power use and streamline maintenance for Istanbul Airport’s taxiway lighting ?

With intelligence built into each light fixture, the ILCMS will control the lights individually or with defined segments, rather than selected circuits, providing large gains in power savings and making maintenance easier and more costeffective. The state-of-the-art intelligent lighting will also allow increased flexibility in guidance and routing.

Fully equipping the taxiway system with our sustainable solutions will ensure safe operations in all visibility conditions, and provide the flexibility to optimise capacity and throughput.

What visual aids has the company supplied to Istanbul Airport?

ADB SAFEGATE is responsible for the airport’s complete visual-guidance approach, starting with a comprehensive airfield ground lighting (AGL) design review to assess and implement an AGL solution that best suits the airport’s needs.

With 35,000 intelligent LED lights powering the airfield runways and taxiways, this is the world’s biggest AGL implementation. ADB SAFEGATE has also supplied and commissioned all visual aids, including transistor regulators, transformers, approach solutions (flashers, precision approach path indicators and approach lighting) energy-efficient power solutions and mounting equipment.