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If you want to count your passengers or measure waiting times or queue lengths, Qmetrix has the solution for you. Qmetrix supplies a range of highly specialised sensors for typical airport needs. All have a few things in common:

  • Devices can be operated wirelessly (battery and data radio).
  • All sensors respect customers' and employees' privacy. An infra-red beam-break counting technology is used - no cameras, no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi tracking.
  • For high precision occupancy level measurement, 3D sensors are used
  • All data is measured in real-time and recorded 24/7 for reporting and analyses.

Passengers Counting

Qmetrix sensors allow high quality counting of passengers. Since the counting relates to time, we generate highly sophisticated time-depended analyses such as arrival profiles or throughput rates. The measured data is the source for tactical decisions or your future staff planning. For waiting queues, the sensors are seamlessly integrated into Via Guide Beltrac posts. High precision 3D counters are available for mounting positions on walls, over doors or built into ceilings.

Waiting Time Measurement

In waiting queues with multiple sensors, Qmetrix calculates waiting times 24/7. Like all data, the current waiting time can be displayed on dedicated monitors, smartphones, airport homepages, apps, or on other flight information systems. We deliver dynamic signage content to guide passengers to the best available service point.

Suitable for management and supervisors having an eye on their own service levels or on their service partners' KPI - all in real-time, everything reported.

Passenger Flow Improvement

Getting passengers quickly to the next available counter or security lane is often connected with a high effort of staff directing passengers. Qmetrix call forward-ing systems with buttons or based on sensor data can open end close bypasses in waiting queues and control dynamic signs and lane numbers.

Installations typically show double-digit staff productivity increases, including an increase in customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction - a triple win situation.

Customer Feedback and Counting

The information resulting from a 24/7 measurement of your service processes can be enriched by asking the guests who are affected by the process. Touch screens can easily be mounted on stanchions in the waiting queue or on walls, mini surveys can be conducted. All surveys can be analysed in real-time including email or SMS alarming when certain thresholds are exceeded.

Integrated Queue Management

Integrating all Qmetrix applications, several things can be guaranteed:

  • Service process analytics
  • Productivity improvement
  • Customer satisfaction increase
  • Actual data for improved planning and forecasting.

Qmetrix Cleaning Control

Washrooms in public areas, such as airports, are normally cleaned regularly - for example, every two hours, no matter if cleaning is required or not.

The Qmetrix QCC ceiling sensor measures the number of persons using a bathroom, while our touch panels ask the customers for feedback. This feedback can be simple rating questions or more detailed questions what was bad.

With set thresholds for each facility, Qmetrix detects a cleaning demand and optimises the cleaning. Typical facility management tasks like replenishment of consumables and repair of facilities are part of the system.

Fields of Application

Qmetrix can be found in five of the top 15 airports in the world and on many more places. It is used to count customer frequency or measure waiting times and queue lengths, for example:

  • Check-in/Baggage drop
  • Transfer desks
  • Security control
  • Immigration & customs
  • Arrival areas
  • Lounges
  • Taxi queues
  • Shops
  • Washrooms
  • Viewing platforms.

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