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14 April 2021
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On the right track
The Covid-19 pandemic led to a rapid decrease in the volume of air traffic throughout the world. How should air navigation service providers best manage a return to normality? And what could that return look like, especially if there’s an upsurge in demand for flights following the discovery of a viable vaccine? Abi Millar talks to Simon Hocquard, director-general of the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation, and Razvan Bucuroiu, head of network strategy and development at Eurocontrol, to learn more.

Transatlantic tribulations
Air traffic across the Atlantic was devastated during the pandemic thanks to US travel restrictions and pervasive national lockdowns across Europe. Now, airlines are urging governments on both sides of the pond to adopt new measures to protect this valuable flight path, while they tighten in-house hygiene measures to boost passengers’ confidence. Kerry Taylor-Smith talks to John Grant, executive vice-president of the Official Aviation Guide; Juha Jarvinen, CEO of Virgin Atlantic; and American Airlines spokesperson Nichelle Barrett, about what it will take to trigger a recovery in the transatlantic market.

Beating the chill
As Climate change accelerator, the number of challenges faced by airport operators in winter is increasing dramatically. This is especially true in a weather-obsessed country like the UK – so it’s no surprise that it’s fallen to London Heathrow to figure out a solution. Andrea Valentino chats to James Shapland, transport operations manager at the Met Office, to learn how his colleagues help the airport to predict bad weather, what it is doing to mitigate disruption and how new technology might make winters less miserable for passengers going forward.

Touch-free travel
The Covid-19 pandemic has forced airports to consider how the virus could be transmitted in the terminal space – and, from there, into new locations all around the world. Preventing unnecessary contact between passengers and surfaces, however, could go a long way towards mitigating its spread. Andrea Valentino talks to Brede Nielsen, group chief information officer at Avinor, and Antoine Rostworowski, deputy director-general of Airports Council International, about the new technologies and processes making touchless travel a reality.

Cleaner skies
While the world was under lockdown, the number of aircraft in the sky fell to unprecedented levels. Now, aviation stakeholders are looking beyond this temporary lull to see what steps need to be taken to secure a more sustainable future for the air travel sector, as Lynette Eyb reports.

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