24 May 2022, Madrid– The Wing ATM Theatre, sponsored by Wing, is one of seven Free Educational Theatres of the World ATM Congress 2022, offering 25 min or 50 min presentations. The Wing ATM Theatre will be the stage of the World ATM Congress Maverick Awards, which recognise important contributions in the industry of air traffic management (ATM). Theatre topics cover sustainability, with the programme for Air Navigation Service Providers GreenATM; OT (Operational Technology) Cybersecurity in ATM Safety context; a first Spanish Airport Remote Tower in Vigo, the management of ATM in the solidarity hub, the building of a Shared-use UAS Networks and a civil/military ATM/ANS (Air Navigation Services) Cooperation in a changing European Security Environment due to the Russian attack on Ukraine.

The ninth edition of World ATM Congress, which includes the Expodronica Pavilion, sponsored by UMILES Group, offers a whole vision of the future of the sky with its different Educational Theatres. The Wing ATM Theatre agenda is provisional and is subject to changes; nonetheless, there are already speeches confirmed by several organisations such as Wing, the sponsor one; Eurocontrol, CANSO, NASA, NATO, THALES Las Frances AMS and UPM, among others.

The main topics that the organisations will present in this edition at the Wing ATM Theatre are:

  • GreenATM, a new environmental accreditation programme for Air Navigation Service Providers
  • ATC to facilitate the safe integration of new entrants and technologies in the world of aviation
  • The Green Deal to provide policies leading to legislation concerning climate change
  • ITM and U-space systems challenges, infrastructures and core objectives
  • OT Cybersecurity in ATM Safety context
  • ORAT (Operational Readiness and Transition) methodology to provide a framework for managing risks that changes bring with it
  • Accelerating Innovation in ATC simulation and challenges of Airways International Limited
  • Vigo Airport Remote Tower, the pioneering remote tower project first in Spain
  • Civil-Military ATM/ANS Cooperation in a changing European Security Environment
  • World ATM Congress 2022 Maverick Awards
  • ATM Management in the Solidarity Transport Hub
  • Building a Shared-use UAS Networks
  • The Air Traffic Management (ATM) system. Air traffic systems, airspace design, human factors or safety challenges

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