Since 2019, the “Boulevard” has been one of Riyadh’s most spectacular leisure attractions. The metropolis of eight million people, the capital and financial center of Saudi Arabia, is focusing intensively on economic and tourist revitalization with the mega-project and the “Riyadh Season” festival and has recently expanded the area with the “Boulevard World”. A 10-passenger LEITNER gondola lift is being used for comfortable and rapid transport between this new area and the original “Boulevard Riyadh City”.

Entirely based on the model of Las Vegas, the Boulevard World is to become the new entertainment hotspot of the desert city. In addition to replicas of world-famous structures such as Times Square, the canals of Venice, the Moroccan Medina right up to London’s Coventry Street, there are countless other entertainment options ranging from roller coasters to light shows and water shows, firework shows, shopping centers, movie theaters, hotels and restaurants. One of the highlights is the largest man-made lake in the world, where visitors can even go on submarine rides.

In order to guarantee the best possible transport through the now 900,000 square meter boulevard area, the operating company Sela decided to build a ropeway. The ropeway starts at the parking lot to the north of Boulevard Riyadh City, flies over a wide road and then leads into Boulevard World, where the ropeway station has been embedded in the impressive Greek landscape of Santorini. The 10-passenger gondola lift runs over a distance of 1.2 kilometers and reaches a maximum transport capacity of 3,000 people per hour. The ropeway is in operation daily from late afternoon until midnight during the “Riyadh Season” festival, which was opened at the end of October, until spring 2023.

“Riyadh Season” as a tourist attraction
The 2022/23 Riyadh Season has so far attracted 15 million visitors. This year’s theme is “Beyond Imagination”. Visitors can enjoy countless concerts, exhibitions and other performances – there will be no fewer than 8,500 events in 15 different themes zones at Riyadh Season this time around.