Finavia, formerly the Finnish Civil Aviation Administration, has made the implementation decision on extension and modification work at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport’s Terminal 2, enabling construction company SRV to initiate preliminary work.

The expansion is part of Finavia’s €1 billion investment programme to strengthen Helsinki Airport as a significant European airport and prepare it to serve 30 million passengers in the future. The project is partially funded by the EU.

The first phase of the Terminal 2 extension project is estimated to cost €250 million and the actual implementation stage contract for the project will be signed in 2019, when the project’s final target cost will be finalised.

SRV began the development phase of the T2 extension and modification work in 2017, when the company was selected as service provider for the construction of the project’s alliance contract.

In December 2018, the company will launch site establishment, demolition work and earth construction on a new parking facility in the area.

The extension and modification work is due to be completed in stages during 2021-2022.

SRV executive vice president Juha Toimela said: “The Helsinki-Vantaa Terminal 2 extension and modification contract represents an interesting project for us, because it concerns a major international air transport node.

“We have already shown our expertise in the construction of the airport’s railway station, the extension of the P5 parking facility and a maintenance centre.”

The Helsinki-Vantaa Airport extension and modification work is being taken up to create a new area, in front of the present Terminal 2, serving flight passengers, which will be completed 2021.

The extended terminal will comprise a new section for check-in, security checks, baggage transfers and passenger reception as well as a travel centre connecting different forms of transport, and Terminal 2’s existing departure and arrival halls will be remodelled into a gate area.

The scope of the new construction and renovation area totals 75,000 square metres, of which the extension accounts for approximately 40,000 square metres.

Finavia director of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Joni Sundelin said: “The Terminal 2 extension is a significant part of Finavia’s over EUR 1 billion investment programme. It aims to strengthen Helsinki-Vantaa’s competitive position as a major European transit airport and to prepare to serve in the future 30 million passengers.

“Helsinki-Vantaa’s strengths are smooth and uncomplicated travel, friendly staff and innovative services. We also want to maintain these strengths as passenger numbers grow.

“The construction project to be launched in January will strongly support our customer experience objectives.”

The development and implementation stages will be taken up using the alliance model, where project planning and construction are implemented together, and the risks and benefits are shared between the alliance actors.

The Helsinki-Vantaa Airport extension work alliance comprises SRV and Finavia as well as a planning group consisting if architectural firm ALA, architectural firm HKP and Ramboll Finland.