The highly anticipated CANSEC Canada’s Global Defence and Security trade show of 2023 is set to take over Ottawa from May 31 to June 1. Rheinmetall is thrilled to showcase its latest and most innovative advancements at indoor booth #1121 and outdoor booth #3021. These state-of-the-art technologies are designed to give the Canadian Armed Forces the competitive edge they need to succeed in any operational environment, now and in the future.

Rheinmetall is preparing to impress attendees at Canada’s foremost defense industry event with a diverse selection of cutting-edge products:

  • Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles (A-UGVs): Rheinmetall will have on display the Polaris MRZR D4 ultra-light tactical vehicle augmented with the Rheinmetall PATH autonomy kit (A-kit), an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered navigation system. Already in service in the Canadian Army and proven in worldwide operations, the MRZR D4 platform is a low-risk, reliable vehicle developed for special operations, as well as off-road and expeditionary missions. Once equipped with the PATH A-kit, the MRZR D4 vehicle supports crewed, autonomous, and remote teleoperation with the ability to seamlessly transition between each mode. With its multi-mission capabilities, including logistic transport, fire support, and medical evacuation, it can support a wide variety of modules. The autonomous MRZR D4 at Rheinmetall’s indoor booth will feature a surveillance and CBRN detection payload.

At its outdoor booth, Rheinmetall will be showcasing a cargo version of its Mission Master SP platform. This low-profile A-UGV is engineered to assist dismounted soldiers in a wide range of missions, including high-risk situations, while keeping them out of harm’s way. With its low-signature electric motor, it is an invaluable asset when silence is a must.

  • Water Treatment System from the ASUWPS program: The Department of National Defence has recently awarded contracts to Rheinmetall Canada for the acquisition and in-service support for the Advanced Sub-Unit Water Purification System (ASUWPS) program. Rheinmetall Canada and his partner BluMetric will be delivering an autonomous, self-contained water purification system that will provide potable water at a sub-unit level (250 persons) from practically any source. The ASUWPS water treatment subsystem will be displayed at the outdoor booth.
  • SolarΣShield: Pronounced solar sigma shield, this simple and affordable solution is a patented fabric designed and tested by Defence Research and Development Canada, and battlefield-proven by the Canadian Armed Forces. It allows a significant solar heat load reduction on systems by natural air convection and artificial shadow. The SolarΣShield also allows multispectral signature management against thermal, visual, near infrared, radar, and ultraviolet detection. Visitors will be able to see for themselves SolarΣShield technology at the outdoor booth.
  • Satellite Communication on the Move (SOTM) system: As part of the SOTM programme, Rheinmetall Canada, in partnership with Elbit Systems, is supplying the Canadian Armed Forces with the Vehicular Subsystem (VSS) capability. The VSS will be on display at the indoor booth. SOTM provides long-range voice and data connectivity between deployed command vehicles, liaison elements, high-priority sensor vehicles, and tactical headquarters and command posts.

Furthermore, Rheinmetall will showcase an array of cutting-edge products and technologies developed through strategic partnerships, all aimed at providing top-of-the-line solutions for upcoming Canadian programs.

  • Land Vehicle Crew Training System (LVCTS) project: The FORC3 team is the strategic partnership led by Rheinmetall Canada, including Lockheed Martin Canada, Rheinmetall Electronics (Bremen, Germany), and Lockheed Martin Training and Logistics Solutions (Orlando, Florida), in pursuit of the Canadian Army’s LVCTS programme. The international alliance draws upon unrivalled experience and expertise in virtual training systems and is committed to fundamentally transform operational training for the Canadian Army.
  • Joint Fires Modernization (JFM) project: Rheinmetall Canada and Elbit Systems have joined forces in pursuit of Canada’s Joint Fires Modernization (JFM) project – an initiative that will enable near real-time sharing of tactical, operational, and strategic fires and effects information through a digital network, delivering an immediate common operating picture. Rheinmetall will have the following on display from Elbit Systems:
    • HattoriX – a lightweight, accurate remote-controlled, and independent target acquisition platform for short- to medium-range dismounted ISTAR missions
    • Rattler-XR – a lightweight, interoperable, simple and easy to use 70mJ coded laser target designator, compliant to NATO STANAG 3733 standard. HattoriX and Rattler-XR are key components of the Torch-XTM Dismounted-Joint Fire – a digital solution.
  • Night Vision System Modernization (NVSM) project: Rheinmetall Canada is once again teaming with Elbit Systems for the NVSM project, which will address capability gaps in the Canadian Army’s current night vision equipment fleet. As a solution of choice for the Laser Range Finder – Hand-Held Thermal Imager – Long Range (LRF HHTI–LR) program, Rheinmetall will be presenting Elbit’s advanced target locator and intelligence system, the AION-C.
  • Common Heavy Equipment Replacement (CHER) project: Rheinmetall Canada will join forces with JCB and other OEMs in pursuit of Canada’s CHER project. This initiative will provide the Canadian Armed Forces with dependable and sustainable heavy support equipment for the next generation of deployable and effective earth-working and cargo-handling capabilities. The High Mobility Engineer Excavator from JCB will be on display at Rheinmetall’s outdoor booth.