With the paper Transitioning towards CT screening’, Schiphol-based consultancy company Point FWD focuses on the human aspect of CT implementation, taking the security operator as the centre of attention – the quickest and most constructive way to success in state-of-the-art technology implementations.

Point FWD offers insight into how companies can manage the modern human-machine interaction by focusing on training, coaching on the job and continuous monitoring, and seeks to answer the ‘why’ questions to 3D image analysis difficulties, providing a solid framework for approaching implementation projects in a broader sense.

Security checkpoint stakeholders should perceive this integrated solution approach as keeping a marriage happy. This will only work if there is enough collaboration, communication and understanding.

Various industry perspectives

The insights shared in the knowledge article include the experiences of a broad group of industry stakeholders to the CT transition in the security checkpoint. While many insights originate from Point FWD guidance during implementation projects, the bigger picture is being supplied by representatives from key industry players in the Aviation Security field.


This paper is written by Point FWD’s Femke Lettinga and Robin van Gemert. Lettinga is the former quality coordinator for training and development at security company G4S. In her prior role, she was responsible for guiding operators through CT implementation at several national airports.

Van Gemert brings his integrated view on CT implementation projects and the focus Point FWD has in providing data-driven guidance to airports and other security checkpoint stakeholders.

About Point FWD

Point FWD’s mission to bring security checkpoint environments to the next optimal state of performance. The company envisages a future where aviation security checkpoint stakeholders have 100% insight in their security operations, being able to adequately, promptly and coherently react to regulatory changes, strategy redirections and deployment expansions.

Point FWD exists as an innovation partner for our clients through conceptualisation and (re)definition of the security process, always with a data-driven, yet human-sensible mindset.

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