A team of Mott MacDonald and Grimshaw Architects has been selected by the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey to lead the preliminary engineering and development work for a $10 billion extension of New York’s John F Kennedy Airport.

Through a competitive RFP process, the selection of both companies was announced by New York governor Andrew Cuomo.

Besides Mott MacDonald and Grimshaw Architects, the team includes TranSolutions, Harris Miller Miller & Hanson, VJ Associates, ACB Architects, EnTech Engineering, Naik Consulting, Reichman Frankle and Holmes Keogh.

The team will be accountable for executing the vision plan created by the Governor's Airport Advisory Panel for the redevelopment of the airport.

The group will be responsible for redesigning the on-airport traffic pattern, centralising parking lots, ensuring world-class customer amenities in retail, dining and business centre capabilities, expanding taxiways and fostering enhanced security technology.

Cuomo said: “Our plan for a transformed JFK envisions a unified, state-of-the-art airport to meet the demands of current and future passengers, and with this action, we're making these plans a reality.

“The new JFK will be a crown jewel of the New York City transportation network, an airport of the calibre that New Yorkers deserve, and a centre of economic vitality and activity."

The vision articulated by the Governor's Airport Advisory Panel is capable of attracting approximately $10bn in investment to modernise the airport and help drive economic growth.