Despite previous year-on-year assisted passenger growth, much like the entire aviation sector, service for passengers with reduced mobility has been massively affected by the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Pfizer and BioNTech’s announcement of a potential vaccine suggesting 90% effectiveness has sent waves of widespread hope that passenger recovery can be expected in 2021. If the past 9 months have been dominated by service survival strategies the next 9 will be dominated by an ability to adapt to a potential swing in passenger trends. The indicators are pointing toward a positive 2021 summer air traffic season.

The 5th edition of the Airport PRM Leadership Conference comes at a pivotal moment for all stakeholders of assisted services, this year's theme is "Rising to the Challenge".

The industry has had to adapt, operational strategies for passenger recovery are now being formulated and the sharing solutions is more critical than ever. The two-day event will take place on December 9th and 10th providing a platform for all PRM stakeholders to discuss operational takeaways, strategies, policy successes, and failures. A safe space, where every attendee will gain insight from speakers who voluntarily share their experiences and observations. This year’s event promises to transfer the traditionally physically interactive format into an online environment, attendees will be asked to share their insights and thoughts.

Speakers include:

  • Linda Ristagno, Assistant Director of External Affairs, IATA
  • Roberto Castiglioni, Accessible Air Travel Evangelist – Founder, Reduced Mobility Rights 
  • Tariq Kamal, Vice President and Head of Terminal 1, Delhi International Airport
  • Sara Marchant, Services Manager, Heathrow Airport
  • Brian Cobb, Head of Innovation, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
  • Martyn Sybley, Co-Founder, Purple Goat Agency
  • Emilia De Santis – Terminal Manager – Napoli International Airport
  • Laurel Van Horn, Director of Programs, Open Doors Organization
  • William L. Neece, Director of Airports, Ozion Airport Software 
  • Gina Emrich – Director of Passenger Experience – Open Doors Organization

Open dialogue, knowledge-sharing, and expression of ideas remain at the center of the Airport PRM Leadership Conference philosophy. Now it is more important than ever that we, the industry stakeholders, come together to forge the success ahead. Airport PRM Leadership Conference attendance is free, to register visit