Recognised as the world's most comprehensive resource for airline safety data, FlightSafe offers its subscribers access to the largest and most reliable source of airline safety data available worldwide. The sophisticated advisory service is specifically designed for aviation specialists, travel managers, health and safety executives and other professionals or organisations concerned with travel and airline risk management.

Sold recently as a going concern to Anvil Group, FlightSafe will continue to be available via its current online platform and will see a number of technical enhancements that will future proof the service and maintain its position as the go-to source of airline safety data.

Commenting on the acquisition by Anvil Group, John Trevett, FlightSafe’s founder stated: “I’ve known and worked with the Anvil team for years and the acquisition by them is an extremely positive move. I welcome the ongoing commitment they’ve shown to the FlightSafe concept and I’m excited by what they’ll be able to bring to the product. The additional resources and innovation skills at their disposal make them an extremely safe pair of hands to take the business forward.”

Covering over 1,100 scheduled airlines operating in more than 180 countries, FlightSafe’s safety assessments and airline risk information provide a rational and quantified basis for stakeholders to determine air travel safety policies that protect the welfare and security of travellers under their care.

FlightSafe compiles data using the Airline Safety Assessment Mechanism (ASAM) which assesses the relative safety of scheduled commercial airlines. The method used is an impartial and fully quantified process based on an airline's past accident record and other factors related to underlying safety levels. ASAM provides a means for organisations to assess the relative risk factors associated with particular airlines. The results on their own do not constitute absolute advice to travel or to avoid travelling on those airlines, but are intended for use as part of a wider system of establishing safe air travel policies.

Originally developed under the auspices of the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers, the FlightSafe methodology has been continually refined and developed by a working group drawn from the association's own Aviation Safety Committee.

Anvil’s Group Managing Director, Matthew Judge, commented: “Having provided the technology architecture to host the FlightSafe website for many years, we’re extremely familiar with the platform and the potential that it offers in our space. As a technology-led business, Anvil is ideally positioned to develop the service even further. We’ve been working with FlightSafe behind the scenes and have already made significant changes to the user interface to make the service even more accessible and beneficial to those needing to keep abreast of airline risk information. With a strong roadmap of future developments and enhancements in place, users can expect even greater functionality as we take the service forwards.”

He continues: “As a globally recognised risk management provider, it’s important for Anvil to continually extend and evolve our offerings and provide organisations with the very best in total end-to-end risk management and resilience solutions. We see FlightSafe as a great addition to our service portfolio.”

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