Phnom Penh International Airport has harnessed the power of smell for the benefit of travellers. The transport hub serving the Cambodian capital now treats arrivals and departures to more than 30,000m² of "scent experience" by diffusing relaxing aromas around its check-in counters, arrival hall and business lounge via the air-conditioning system.

"The Scent Identity scheme furthers deepens our engagement with our customers by offering them a comfortable environment when they embark on their journey and arrive in the kingdom," says the airport’s general manager Chloé Lapeyre.

Installed by Signature Asia, the technology uses an environmentally friendly, solvent-free perfume that has been custom-blended to suit the airport’s overall atmosphere. "Scenting is an important part of the branding strategy for many businesses," says Maxime Roussillon, CEO of Signature Asia. "The power of smell is so strong that many other sectors are nowadays interested in developing their own scent identity."