But how to optimise, or come to an optimal design for such a complex ecosystem of people, technology, cultures and anomalies? Well, we’re happy to meet ?. But before having a coffee or call, go through some of our thoughts in the bottleneck analysis service spotlight!


Optimal process organisation through bottleneck analysis.

Please take a look at one of our refreshed modules in the data collection and analysis platform for security checkpoints. With our ‘What-if’ module, optimisation scenarios become accessible, resulting in opportunities for effective and successful change.

Following a bottleneck-analysis approach, we believe that true motivation for process optimisation should result in an ever-present chase to full process understanding. Knowing that the ‘bottleneck’ process in the security checkpoint is subject to changes constantly, and to be able to keep track on actual optimisation potential, we believe it is beneficial to adhere to a consistent optimisation approach. Our What-If module gives airport security stakeholders the opportunity to keep looking at process optimisation scenarios.

Take a better look at the module in our guiding blog and if interested; contact us via hello@pointfwd.com.

We are here to support airports and the aviation security stakeholder.

Point FWD owns a core capability in monitoring and optimisation of airport security processes and has developed a highly effective platform for its partners to collect process data, to analyse and identify bottlenecks and to quickly initiate and monitor effective change. Now is the time to start acting.

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