The ACI has reported a reduction in the global airfreight market, which shows a year-to-date decline of -2.6%. International freight fell by -4.4% in the same period.  In volume, Europe’s freight fell by -5.5% during April 2019; Asia-Pacific showed the most significant decline, with -7% as compared to April 2018. Asia-Pacific also reported negative figures for domestic freight: -3.1% in April. In contrast, year-to-date global passenger growth is +3.5%.

“With trade conflicts between the United States and its major partners remaining unresolved, and geopolitical tensions in the Middle East flaring up again, the indications are that 2019 could be a difficult year for the air freight market,” said ACI World Director General Angela Gittens. “The global backdrop remains weak for both emerging and advanced economies and it remains uncertain whether trade tensions can be resolved and whether key macroeconomic indicators such as consumption and direct investment will regain momentum before the end of the year.”