The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has contracted ADELTE for the second time in 2015 to provide a complete boarding solution for the new International Airport of Islamabad, which is currently under construction.

The first contract, signed in May, covers Jinnah International Airport in Karachi and includes the replacement of the 12 old PBBs and the design, manufacture and installation of 18 electromechanical glass-sided Apron Drive models, along with 12 walkways, 30 rooftops and 12 innovative ZEPHIR PCAs.

The new contract comprises the delivery of 26 electromechanical glass-sided PBBs (two of them A380 Apron Drive models), 17 ZEPHIR PCAs, 26 rooftops, 32 GPUs, 33 VDGs and an IASS (Integrated Aircraft Stand System). The IASS developed by ADELTE will allow the airport operator to monitor the use of the various equipment around the PBB from a single source, improving cost management and relations with airlines and handling companies.

"The Islamabad project is very important for our company as it consolidates our relationship with our client, the PCAA, and it reinforces the position of ADELTE as the provider of reference in the region and allows us to install in a greenfield airport the full range of the most sophisticated gate solutions,"comments Jordi Floreta, vice-president and commercial director at ADELTE. "Of course, the diversity and quantity of equipment make this a very complex project but ADELTE has the experience, the resources and the industrial capacity to handle it successfully and on schedule."

ADELTE has been modernising and maximising the capacity of its main manufacturing plant, located in the city of Monz√≥n in the north of Spain. ADELTE’s Pakistan branch will facilitate and speed up the management and execution of the contract.

"We are proud to participate actively in the modernisation of Pakistan’s main airport infrastructures, thus enhancing operations and passenger safety and comfort", adds Floreta.