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Automation… the answer to staff shortages

2023 was a year of full swing aviation events, like trade shows, conferences and air shows. Eezeetags was present at many of them. And a recurring topic in many expert presentations and industry-leader panel discussions was the worldwide staff shortages.

The ideal airport transport solution

LEITNER‘s MiniMetro funicular ropeway links a multi-storey car park to The Squaire in Frankfurt Airport.

‘You don’t know why they’re filming or what they’ll do with it’ – flight attendants on being unwilling stars of viral video

Unions are arcing up about cabin crew being filmed without consent during flights. Liz Simmons, PhD candidate, Griffith University; Gui Lohmann, professor in air transport and tourism management, Griffith University; and Rawan Nimri, lecturer in tourism and hospitality, Griffith University, look at how some airlines have brought in new rules aimed at curbing the practice.

Strong relationships,on and off the ground

With technical challenges hampering Southwest Airlines’ dramatic development plans, CEO Robert Jordan has plenty to consider as he battles to preserve the relationships that helped his employer prosper. Andrea Valentino catches up with the industry veteran to learn more.

Communal expression

Blogposts and social media articles now state that airports have firmly entered the co-working arena. With such transient customers, is this really true? Wendy Vaughn investigates.

Heathrow’s digital transformation

Heathrow’s digital director, Pete Burns, explains to Matthew Gooding how he modernised the airport’s digital platform to try and create a better customer experience.

IHSE celebrates 40th company anniversary

IHSE is delighted to celebrate its 40th anniversary and look back on its eventful success story.

LEITNER combines ground and air transport in a unique e-mobility solution for urban areas

The urban mobility revolution is moving closer: ConnX, LEITNER’s new intermodal mobility system, is soon to be launched on the market in 2025, after successfully passing all tests. The new electric mobility solution was presented at the international ropeway congress of the OITAF (International Organisation of Transportation by Rope) in Vancouver, Canada, and was very well received by the visitors.

Smiths Detection Selected by Zurich Airport to Trial Advanced CT X-Ray Scanners

Cutting-edge technology will identify potential threats in luggage without requiring the removal of electronics and liquids

Airline Stocks Trail Behind the Market; Six out of Top Ten Have Dropped in Value YTD

Although the airline industry aims for a new record with nearly five billion scheduled flights and almost $1 trillion in revenue forecasted in 2024, most airline stocks still trail behind the market.