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Aninda Chakraborty

Misinformation and disinformation in the airport sector: Challenges and strategies for mitigation

As the information landscape continues to evolve, staying vigilant and adaptable will be key to maintaining the integrity and efficiency of airport operations

Navigating societal polarisation: Challenges and opportunities for the airport sector

As societal divides continue to evolve, the airport sector must remain agile and committed to fostering unity and resilience in the face of polarisation

Navigating turbulence: The impact of interstate armed conflict on the airport sector

By learning from past conflicts and implementing proactive measures, the airport sector can navigate the turbulence of armed conflicts and continue to serve as vital nodes of global connectivity and commerce

Inflation and its impact on the airport sector: Navigating challenges and opportunities

Although inflation drives up costs and can dampen passenger demand, it also spurs innovation and efficiency improvements

Extreme weather events and their impact on the airport sector

As extreme weather events become more frequent and severe due to climate change, airports must adopt comprehensive strategies to enhance resilience

Navigating economic turbulence: The airport sector’s response to downturns

The airport sector’s response to economic downturns involves a combination of cost management, revenue diversification, technological innovation, and sustainability initiatives

Cyber insecurity in the airport sector: Safeguarding the gateway to global connectivity

Cyber insecurity poses a significant threat to the airport sector, with potential implications ranging from operational disruptions to national security risks

The impact of biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse on the airport sector

By adopting sustainable practices, engaging with stakeholders, and complying with regulatory frameworks, airports can mitigate the impact of biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse