Opened in 1999, Pudong International Airport (PVG) reached new heights in 2016. With 66 million travellers and 3.44 million tons of cargo passing through, the airport soared to ninth in the world in terms of passenger volume and has maintained third place in cargo volume for eight consecutive years.

But this is just the start. PVG has constantly dedicated itself to providing the best service to passengers and becoming a world-class air hub, and now offers multiple new services.

Fast and convenient travel

In 2016, the transport hub worked together with airlines to expand and streamline the use of self-service facilities on domestic routes. This is now applied from check-in to bagdrop and boarding to provide passengers with more convenient and efficient access to their flights.

The airport offers regular domestic passengers and business travellers the option of online check-in and on-site fast-track services. The time to pass security checks is reduced with no sacrifice to aviation safety.

Easy entry

Inbound self-immigration checks have been applied in terminals 1 and 2 of the airport that enable holders of China’s electronic passport – or, in the case of residents of Hong Kong and Macau, mainland travel permits – to pass through self-clearance procedures in 12 seconds.

No-hassle connections

Furthermore, the 72-hour visa-exemption transit policy has now been upgraded to 144 hours. Passengers from 51 countries holding valid travel documents and confirmed connecting tickets to third countries (or regions) passing through PVG can stay in China for six days without having to pre-apply for a Chinese visa.

Intelligent taxi-management system

The Shanghai Traffic Committee and PVG jointly launched an intelligent management system for short-distance taxis. GPS tracking is used to improve the efficiency of taxi sites and reduce waiting time for passengers.

Terminal upgrades

New multimedia entertainment programmes, such as an interactive experience room, and high-speed audio and video entertainment systems, are the latest highlights in the two terminals. The combination of high-tech with passenger interaction brings surprise and excitement for them during waiting times.

Dedicated office space for business travellers is also now available in PVG’s waiting halls. The needs of every level of business traveller can be met here, including video conferencing, conference calls and business negotiations.

Wi-Fi service has been extended to all open areas, including the parking garage and pedestrian tunnels between terminals. Industry-leading sensorless technology has been adopted to ensure seamless cross-region signal coverage. Wherever passengers happen to be, they will always be connected.

Cultural highlights

There are several cultural elements – including an airport museum, art gallery, indoor classical garden and artwork – integrated within the airport to exhibit Chinese style and Shanghai’s culture, impressing passengers with the elegant and unique charm of PVG and the wider Shanghai metropolitan area.

Honesty guarantees the best shopping experience

All stores in PVG are urged to operate with honesty and integrity to create a better shopping environment for passengers. The original seven-day, no-hassle return policy has been extended to 14 days, and exemplary shops have been highlighted.

More brands have been introduced, commodity categories enriched and the mobile payment system improved. Passengers are always welcome to enjoy the pleasant shopping experience in the airport.