Constantly developing new products to meet its customers’ needs today and in the future, Kilfrost’s expert team boasts a number of world firsts across the aviation, rail, industrial and general, and ground sectors. The company has been proudly family-owned and run for three generations, and remains as committed to innovations as its founder Joseph Halbert was when, inspired by the humble snowdrop, he developed the first de-icing product.

Now, thanks to an exclusive licence deal with Kilfrost Europe – a wholly-owned subsidiary of Solventis – the firm has significantly increased winter resilience in the airline industry after investing heavily in a European manufacturing facility.

Kilfrost Europe will manufacture its aircraft de-icing and anti-icing products from its state-of-the-art plant in Antwerp, Belgium increasing the security and robustness of supply of its safety-critical frost protection products.

Type I, Type II and Type IV fluids will be produced at Antwerp and in Haltwhistle, UK, strengthening the company’s robust position in the European market.

Kilfrost’s chief executive Gary Lydiate says: “The investment and expansion of production in Antwerp serves to underline Kilfrost’s commitment to the European market. It is addressing past challenges of supply head-on, and can now offer two production sites in Europe, giving customers there increased confidence.

Licence to innovate

Kilfrost Europe was established in November 2016 as a daughter company of Solventis with an exclusive licence deal for all aircraft de-icing fluids from Kilfrost UK across all EEA countries. Solventis is a manufacturer and bulk distributor of petrochemical solvents and aircraft de-icing fluids, and partners other world-class international suppliers. Its glycol blending facility, which is based at the ADPO Antwerp Terminal facility, is the largest in Europe.

The company already produces and stores Type I fluids on the Antwerp site. The latest investment will also see an extension of the bulk storage capacity for aircraft de-icing and anti-icing fluids, as well as to the IBC filling capability to guarantee maximum supply flexibility to its European customers.

“Kilfrost is delighted to confirm the licence deal with Solventis, covering Type I, Type II and Type IV fluids,” continues Lydiate, “and has further agreed that our renowned production, technical and logistics teams will work closely with Kilfrost Europe’s experts to ensure truly seamless deliveries across the coming winter and beyond.

“As a company, Kilfrost is proud of its position as the original pioneer of safety-critical de-icing and anti-icing fluids, and of its well-deserved reputation for innovation and for cutting-edge expertise across frost protection chemistry and rheology.

The investment and expansion of production in Antwerp serves to underline Kilfrost’s commitment to the European market.

“Customers across the EU will be looked after by Kilfrost Europe and its own in-house experts, and the firm will manufacture Type I, Type II, and Type IV products from its exciting new facility in Antwerp,” he concludes.

Pioneering spirit

From the development of revolutionary fluids for the protection of aircraft during the Second World War, to the introduction of radiator antifreeze used by Antarctic expeditions, and on to the first-ever use of a bio-derived glycol for an industry (and world) first eco-fluid, Kilfrost is the original pioneer, and still leads the way today.

Serving the aviation, rail and ground sectors through its winter products division, and the heating, cooling, and ventilation sectors through its speciality fluids division, the company provides exceptional products, unparalleled expertise and unrivalled customer care.